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What Makes Quality Wall Art?

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

There are a few major things that make wall art of higher or lower quality. These include the material of the portrait, the dimensions, and the quality of the image. In this we will discuss these three factors in order to know what's best for you.

First, the material. Most canvases are made from either polyester or cotton. Cotton is often thicker and more absorbent, whereas polyester is much smoother. Being more absorbent, cotton can hold colors better and last longer. On the other hand, polyester canvas can give your prints a newer, more refined look. Polyester prints may also print slightly clearer since they are smoother.

Second, the dimensions. Often, large canvas can fill empty walls quite well; but for smaller spaces like desks or shelves, a small-scale canvas may be better. Small scale canvases may also appear more clearly than larger canvases because the details aren’t as large and visible. Depth can also have an effect on the quality of wall art. Typically, a thinner canvas is better for smaller spaces, so as not to protrude from the wall. A thicker canvas with more depth usually gives a more three-dimensional look and with that, higher quality.

Third, quality of the image. This has been touched on briefly in the previous paragraphs, but let’s look more into creating your own custom image. If you’re questioning whether your image will look high quality when put on a canvas, consider a few things. First, is the image as high resolution as it can be, or may there be a substitute image that would work better? Second, if you’re set on an image, zoom in close to see if it looks blurry, or if there is still detail. This is what it will likely look like when blown up onto a canvas. Third, maybe consider a smaller canvas, where the image would appear of higher resolution.

These are a few things to consider in deciding what type of wall art to use for your next project, or when deciding to get your own image printed on canvas.

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